Taste Of Greece Special Gift Pack 4x50g

“Taste of Greece” brings back memories, scents and
emotions from Greece of the past filled with traditional
products in every corner. A unique collection signed by MELIRA.
Just taste it!



  Great Taste 2019 Award          Great Taste 2018 Award         Superior Taste 2016 Award

Greek Wild Flower Honey 98%, Carnation 0,5%, cardamom 0.3%, cinnamon, nutmeg, Bergamot flavoring material 0,001%
Greek Wild Flower Honey 99,99%, Rose Flavoring material 0,01%
Thasos Pine Honey 99,97%, mastic oil - mastic water 0,03%
Greek Wild Flower Honey 99,95%, Safran 0,02%, Ginger 0,03%

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