Organic Honey 4x50g

ORGANIC Chestnut honey
Chestnut honey is dark colored with slightly
“bitter-sweet” taste. It is collected in autumn
from the fruitful ratchets, at the unique
landscape of Mount Athos.

Thyme honey has an amber color, with golden
highlights and it is famous for its fantastic aroma.
It is harvested from lands with thyme in Creta.
Thyme honey is considered to be
of the highest quality in the Mediterranean.

ORGANIC Heather honey
Heather honey is one of the rare varieties
of honey. It gives off all the perfumes of Euboea,
with a caramel aftertaste. It is collected
from the blossoms of heather,
the nectar of which makes the bees ecstatic.
One tablespoon is enough to give us
"divine" proportions.

ORGANIC Wild flowers honey
Wild flowers honey is a golden-yellow, intensely
aromatic and tasty honey. It is collected from
the rare plants and flowers that grow on the
sacred Mount Olympus, the Olympian gods’
mythological home. This honey offers
a divine scent.



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